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winter in paris-2010

Last spring one of my favorite people Tashena Burroughs came to visit me in London, our first little trip was to Paris which involved no planning.... and little to no french speaking abilities. With a metro map in hand and all the markets mapped out according to metro stops we turned into the worlds best tourist accidently falling onto many tourist attractions "hey look, it's the effiel tower!"... "ohhh.. oppps haha". One euro wine, animal markets, older french men's directions, drawing adventures, and looking at discarded family photos were among a few of my favorite things. 


weather to make you forget your toes-11.29.2010

if every winter day meant a frost day i would believe that we live in a fairy tale. instead i wonder where i misplaced my toes, and drink cranberry cider like nobody's business. 

homecoming- 11.26.2010

ashley- 10.15.2010


katie- 10.14.2010

quadra, hornby, tahsis

It was such a beautiful fall on Vancouver Island, after spending almost 2 months in Gold River it was too hard to imagine going back to London without first exploring the trails and smaller island's at my finger tips.  We found apple's right on the beach in Hornby and then pear's as well in a community orchard, which got made into some incredibly yummy fruit leather. It was probably one of my favorite fall seasons, it's just too back the rain came.


nikki {victoria,bc}-11/03/2010

pretty pretty. 

more to come soon...


tomorrow, today, yesterday

tomorrow's a fun day, let the adventures begin! 

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bryan- {sexsmith,ab}

i want to live in the 1920's.. please.